Hubert Nyssen, an open book

Directed by Sylvie Deleule

52 minutes


The film is a focus on Hubert Nyssen, a Belgian naturalized French publisher who created Actes Sud editions. « First, I’m a writer, then a publisher », he says, but above all, he thinks of himself as a words carrier.

At 84, he is still full of life and knows how to tell a story. When you listen to the way he talks, you always have the feeling that it’s the first time you hear it, because he never tells it twice the same way.




Produced with France 5

With the support of CNC



Produced by Serge Guez and Agnès Trintzius

Editing : Dora Soltani

Cinematography : Baudouin Koenig

Sound : Jean-Christophe Girard

Sound Mixing : Yves Mesnil



FIPATEL of Biarritz, from 26 till 31 January 2010

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