Johnnie Got His Gun !

Directed and written by Yves Montmayeur

59 minutes


Johnnie TO is indeed the new Mandarin of Hong Kong action cinema. Not to say the Godfather of asian thriller !
Today we talk about the style of Johnnie To with the same excitement as we mentioned the name of John Woo in the eighties.
As a trademark, a reference film label set in a minimalist abstract style which contrasts with a local production that has always favored the big and explosive blockbuster action movies. The director of Mission or Exiled prefers the science of expectation, the deserted spaces where guns shooting are like suspended in time.
This film documentary tries to reflect film noir esthetics approach of Johnnie To’s cinema, capturing the hypnotic climax of the architectural night of Hong Kong.




With the participation of Cine Cinema
With the support of CNC and the government of Hong Kong (Information Services Department)
Distributed by Wide Management



Produced by Serge Guez

Editing : Fabien Bouillaud

Photography : Yves Montmayeur, Cédric Derlyn, Stéphane Rossi, Pascal Villa, Frédéric Ambroisine

Mixing : Christophe Couget Moreno



International Film Festival on Pusan, octobre 2010
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, octobre 2010
Festival Paris Cinéma, 2012

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