A manager in overdrive

Directed by Sylvie Cann

52 minutes


The central idea is to examine the very special energy level that propulses Stephane Amaru, the manager, who unites more than 80 Tony&Guy hairdressers at five different location into a unique team. We will follow the unexpected success of this artisan whose pep talks and risk-taking bull-dozes the reigning pessimism. A reflection on the open-mindedness characterizing our times, as his story is a reflection on what success means.



Produced with France 5
With the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie,Procirep – Société des producteurs and l’Angoa agicoa
Developed with Program MEDIA Plus (European community)



Produced by Serge Guez

Consultant : Régine Abadia

Images : Jean-Philippe Bouyer, Pierre Stoeber, Olivier Drouot, Rémy Revellin, Julien Meurice

Sound : Stephen Busk, Laurent Malan, Pierre Picq, Frédéric Levé, Yves Buneel, Christian Houssepian, Patrice Abondance

Editing : Anne Bettenfeld

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