Does my brain have a sex ?

Directed and written by Laure Delesalle

52 minutes


One thing is clear, the issue of Male and Female is never neutral!

Are women’s brains different from men’s? That is what many scientific reviews try to tell us today. From basic biology to the latest discoveries in genetics, the director conducts a humorous, in-depth investigation that will shake up any stereotypes and generally accepted ideas.

A fast-paced, funny but meticulous film that offers a look at various scientific and human aspects regarding the construction of gender.




In coproduction with Kaos Films

With the participation of France 5, la RTBF et Planète
With the support of CNRS, de la Procirep-Angoa et du Centre National de la Cinématographie
With the partnership of Eurovision Science, la Commission Européenne (DG Recherche)

Distributed by Terranoa



Produced by Serge Guez

Photography : Jérôme Colin

Sound : Sylvain Delecroix

Editing : Paul Chamussy
Variety Moszynski

Graphic designer : Alain Charrier

Music : Lise Nora

Assistant director : Pauline Fougère

Actors : Leila Gaudin et Andréa Redavid



Pariscience 2010 : prix des Lycéens

A Nous de Voir 2010

Festival du film scientifique de Bruxelles 2011

Festival du Film Scientifique de Marrakech 2011

Russian Documentary Film Festival -360 DOK 2011

Festival « Le goût des sciences » 2011

Festival du Film Scientifique d’Asie du Sud Est 2011

Japan Prize, 2011

Festival CAID, Athènes, 2011

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