Drummer of what ?

Directed by Guy Chabanis

52 minutes


Percussionist Youval Micenmacher taught himself music during a rich and atypical carrer. Strongly influenced by oriental and Arab-Andalusian music, he is constantly searching for new cultures that will help him develop his playing, his creation. Accompanist, improviser, comedian and composer, he has also created solo shows. The film invites us to discover this top-notch musician, along with his way of thinking and creating.


Produced with France 3, Mezzo, Opéra Juniors et Opéras de Montpellier
With the support of the CNC, de la Procire-société des producteurs et l’Aangoa-Agicoa and the fondation d’entreprise France Telecom


Produced by Serge Guez

Images : Guy Chabanis assisté de Corinne Bergas

Sound : Michel Favre

Editing : Laurence Bidou, Dominique Boon

Sound Mixing : Gilles Fargout

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