Gum it Up !

Directed by Vassili Silovic

Written by Vassili Silovic & François Orphelin

52 minutes


The film deals with chewing gum: a trivial treat that has become emblematic of the modern world. Promoted or despised, banned or tolerated, its universal use incites astonishingly passionate reactions.

What is this controversial craze based upon? Why this need for mastication? Are we just hypnotized by advertising incantations or do we perform an ancestral rite to conjure fate?

Swinging between seriousness and goofy, Stuck on Chew explores the many aspects of a phenomenon that speaks volumes about our society and its individuals, from the Second World War to nowadays.




In coproduction with Kaos films, ARTE France, France 3 Alsace, RTBF.
With the participation of Stylia. With the support of Région Alsace, CUS, CNC & Procirep-Angoa.



Produced by Serge Guez

Editing : Iñaki Calinaud

Photography : Guillaume Martin

Sound : Guillaume Valeix, Thomas Perlmutter, Nicolas Rhode

Original Music : Denis Uhalde

Graphic design : Jérôme Letué

Narration : Jane Villenet

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