Leaving Saint-Pierre or returning to it ?

Directed by Gilles Bouteiller

Written by Christian Chambres & Gilles Bouteiller

52 minutes


The stories of immigrants are always rich and powerful, referring back to universal human issues. This documentary successfully combines fascinating life stories with the discovery of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a stark, windswept archipelago close to Newfoundland that offers a cold, humid oceanic climate.

Today, the continued existence of the archipelago depends on immigration. This film poses essential questions behind the region’s economic survival. The harsh reality of life in metropolitan France for Saint Pierre emigrants and a yearning to return to a life remembered from childhood form the narrative backbone of this documentary.



Produced with France Télévisions SPM 1st
With the participation of CNC
With the support of Air Saint Pierre



Produced by Serge Guez

Image : Simon Bonnet et Gilles Briand

Editing : Kubiak

Sound mixer : José Arthur

Calibrator : Kubiak

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