Michael Haneke : profession director

Directed and written by Yves Montmayeur

90 minutes


How should violence be portrayed on the screen? What causes the family unit to fall apart? And, more generally, how does Evil worm its way into our so-called “civilised” Western societies?

Already present in Michael Haneke’s initial film work, these issues continue to haunt all his films. As we follow the director from Vienna to Paris, from northern Germany to Rumania, he reveals his philosophical and moral thinking.




In coproduction with Wild Art Film, Vincent Lucassen



Produced by Serge Guez

Image : Yves Montmayeur, Attila Boa et Stéphane Rossi

Editing : Olivier Neumann

Sound mixer : Hjalti Bajer – Jonathansson



Tribeca Film Festival, 2013, New York, USA

Festival Paris Cinema, 2013, Paris, France

Sydney Film Festival, 2013, Australia

Melbourne International Film Festival, 2013, Australia

Fresh Film Fest, 2013, Czech Republic

Zurich Film Festival, 2013, Switzerland

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