My dear sponsor…

Directed by Pascale Ferradini

52 minutes


Christine and Yeshi are tied by a sponsorship. Christine is French, Yeshi lives in Mundgod in Southern India. The money sent by Christine (thirty euros a month for the past two years) has allowed Yeshi to undertake superior studies. They exchange letters and small gifts. The filmmaker, traveling from one to the other, becomes an intermediary, one that transmits objects, images, stories, one that measures the separation between them. The relationship between these two women who have nothing in common evolves with time. Yeshi marries and moves to Ladhak where she’s looking for work. They eventually manage to communicate differently.

Taiwan international documentary festival 2006


Produced with Cityzen TV
With the support of CNC, résidence d’écriture de Lussas,Procirep-société des producteurs et de l’Angoa-Agicoa andprogram MEDIA Plus (Europea, community)


Produced by Serge Guez

Images & sound : Pascale Ferradini

Editing : Chantal Piquet

Mix : Cyril Adam

Music : Kevin Le Saint

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