Nice to meet you, please don’t love me

Directed by Yves Montmayeur

52 minutes


Portrait of Asia Argento, actor in Abel Ferrara’s “New Rose Hotel”, and director of “Scarlet Diva”

“She’s the Devil !” Abel Ferrara
“The thing I love about her, she doesn’t play by anybody else’s rules.” J.T Leroy
“She is like a hard fucking man in reverse in a way, because of the way she deals with men” Bruce La Bruce
“Etre comédienne ou pute, c’est pareil : on se vend d’un film à l’autre, pour dévoiler des choses personnelles” Asia Argento

Festival IFC Sundance


Produced with Ciné-Cinéma and TV 10 Angers
With the support of Centre National de la Cinématographie


Images : Pascal André Villa, Yves Montmayeur

Editing : Olivier Heinemann

Mix : Cyril Adams


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