Öcalan and the kurdish question

Directed by Luis Miranda

Written by Luis Miranda and Sarah Miranda

52 minutes


The siege of the Syrian city Kobane by the Islamic State troops put forward the forgotten people of the official history : the Kurdish people. In Turkey, where the majority of the Kurdish people is living, the various governments have perpetuated a policy of assimilation and denial with a rare violence.

In 1983, the PKK – Kurdistan Workers Party – declared war on the Turkish state. This triggered a 30-year-old conflict, which caused the death of 40.000 people, the displacement of millions of people and the destruction of thousands of villages.

Öcalan and the kurdish question describes twenty years of high hopes and disappointments in building a dialogue. It narrates a chronicle of one of the key conflicts in the Middle East, through the testimonies of those who lived it.




Coproduced with WDR/ARTE and Vosges TV.

With the support of the Alsace region.

In parternship with the CNC.

In partnership with the Procirep Angoa.

In collaboration with Mednuçe.


Produced by Serge Guez

Image : Luis Miranda and Raul Fernandez

Sound : Sarah Miranda, Lei Dinety and Yohann Angelvy

Editing : Marie-France Cuenot

Voice-over : Bruno Fleury

Advisor ont he writing : Guillaume Perrier

Music : Didier Falk

Calibrator : Arnaud Lambert

Sound mixer : Guillaume Valeix

The documentary has been selected for the FIGRA 2016.

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