Shadow war in the Sahara

Directed and written by Bob Coen and Eric Nadler

52 minutes


Two years after the French military intervened in Mali to battle jihadist rebels, the Sahel remains a hotbed of instability.

This film examines the complex geo-politics of the region and the role of the United States newest military command – AFRICOM. Is the conflict masking a larger struggle between the world’s powers for control of valuable resources under the desert sands?



Coproduced with TRANSFORMER FILMS and ARTE France.

With the participation of the CNC.

With the support of the EU MEDIA programme .


Produced by Serge Guez and Christine Le Goff

Production director : Cecile Peyre

Editing : Jean-Baptiste Morin

Voice-over : Maïk Darah

Geopolitical advisor : Nicolas Beau

Image : Roberto Coen et Nathalie Prévost

Technician : Clarisse Gatti

Special effects man : Cyril Plou

Calibrator : Pierrick Grosbois

Sound mixer : Samuel Beaucamps

Artistic director : Alexis Thual

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