Shale gas

Directed and written by Hervé Nisic et Pierre Stoeber

52 minutes


Tar sands, shale gas and oil seem to be the solutions to the fall in oil extraction.

This films weighs up the reality of the alternative bedrock hydrocarbon fuels (known as unconventional oil and gas). It analyses ten years of extraction throughout the world in terms of its environmental, climatic, energy and financial cost-effectiveness.

And what if we depended less on economic and energy growth than on the environment ?




With the participation of France Télévisions.

With the support of EU Media Programme and the CNC.



Produced by Serge Guez

Editing : Sylvie Crépel

Sound engineers : Nicolas Paturle, Guillaume Valeix, Antoine Corbin

Animation : Jérôme Letué

Sound mixing : Lionel Guenoun

Color grading : Pierrick Grosbois

Narration (French) : Eric Louis

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